2014 ANNUAL MEETING – Monday June 16th at 7pm

If you own a property in the Marian Heights subdivision, please plan to attend the Annual Meeting of the members of the Marian Heights Corporation, scheduled for Monday June 16th at 7pm in the Court Room at Elm Grove Village Hall. We will discuss water system status, elect the board and answer questions from members.

The board welcomes member questions and input, as well as interest in joining the board or volunteering in other ways to help contain costs and keep our system safe and reliable.

The agenda I’ve prepared is as follows:

  1. Introduce new Certified Operator (Tim Cummens – CTW Corp)
  2. Board Introductions
  3. Financial status report, annual dues
  4. Water Survey Results
  5. System update
    • New flushing hydrants
    • Chlorination discontinued
    • New Certified Operator
  6. Information on water filtration
  7. Election of Board
  8. Member questions or resolutions
  9. Adjournment