IMPORTANT: Water shut off Monday 11/25 (some homes)

Dear MHC Water Community,
In order to install a flushing hydrant and maintain water quality, water service will be temporarily shut down for some homes served by the Marian Heights community well on Monday November 25th.
The map below (follow the link) shows the affected properties, which are on Lindhurst Dr. and Ct. as well as Legion Dr. and a few on Elmhurst Pkwy near Legion.
The shutdown is expected to last from 8:00AM to 3:30PM, and could go a short while longer for for 1640, 1650 and 1660 Lindhurst Ct. near the hydrant installation.
The property owners near the hydrant site have been advised of the installation by MHC Board members.
If you have any questions or concerns please read the FAQ below first and then, if needed, to contact the board email
Best Regards,
Ted Eull
1. Why is the water being shut down to some houses?
In order to enable installation of a flushing hydrant, which improves our ability to maintain water quality in our distribution pipes.
2. What can I do if I will be home during this time?
Prior to the shutdown, residents can fill pitchers for hand washing, drinking and cooking, and buckets to flush toilets. Each toilet should be able to flush one time after water is shut down. It is normal for homes to be without water service occasionally and residents should make plans given this notification.
3. What about people who do not receive email?
A printed flyer will be distributed to notify all affected homes this weekend. We strongly encourage all residents who do use email to sign up for email notices from this website (
4. What is wrong with our system that it keeps requiring flushing?
As noted by Mark Profio in a prior email, our system of mains is approx. 60 years old, iron, unlined, and nearing the end of useful service life. In order to maintain water quality, we must be able to flush out the pipes to prevent build-up of iron or other matter.
5. If I have a problem with my water, do I call the Village?
No, the village is not responsible for the Marian Heights well. Problems inside the home with faucets, water softeners, etc. are the responsibility of the homeowner.  For issues with your water supply from the MHC well, contact or visit