Feb 3 Update – Water main breaks

The second water main break of the weekend was patched by Mid City plumbing and all homes restored to service by 1pm on Saturday. Fortunately there were no further breaks or leaks.

While dealing with these breaks, we discovered the compressor that maintains air pressure in our storage tank had stopped working. Pressure was restored by Saturday afternoon and a permanent replacement compressor is now in place.

The water mains are showing significant corrosion, and this causes ruptures such as the ones experienced this weekend. Given these problems, the board is going to evaluate the costs and benefits of beginning to replace sections of mains. This important topic will discussed at upcoming board meetings. We invite concerned residents who wish to have input in this area to attend and consider joining the board.

Jan 31 Update – Water main breaks

Last night (Friday Jan 30) we experienced a water main break on Notre Dame Blvd. near the corner with Elmhurst Parkway. This was a big rupture with visible water gushing, and residents reported some water discoloration and reduced water pressure. We did not lose service to the system and isolated the area to complete the repair.

The repair was completed by midnight, and valves re-opened. Unfortunately at some point another break occurred on Church Street between Marquette and Brook. This second break was discovered around 8am after many residents noticed reduced water pressure.

The three homes on the EAST side of Church (south of Elmhurst) are the only homes without service at this time. I will update this post with a status update later today.


Limited Water Shut-Off, Monday Nov. 17th


UPDATE: The shut-off is reportedly affecting Caroline Ct. and Oakhurst east of the planned area.  It may be affecting other homes as well. This was not planned, as there is a route open for water to reach these homes, but we may have a blockage or water pressure issue preventing the water from reaching.  The shutoff will not last beyond 3PM.

This shut-off was announced by email on Thursday, Nov. 13th, originally planned to affect only a few homes on Lindhurst Dr. and Elmhurst Pkwy.


We are replacing a broken hydrant to prevent damage during winter freezing temps.  Thanks for your patience and I will update with an all clear later today.

2014 ANNUAL MEETING – Monday June 16th at 7pm

If you own a property in the Marian Heights subdivision, please plan to attend the Annual Meeting of the members of the Marian Heights Corporation, scheduled for Monday June 16th at 7pm in the Court Room at Elm Grove Village Hall. We will discuss water system status, elect the board and answer questions from members.

The board welcomes member questions and input, as well as interest in joining the board or volunteering in other ways to help contain costs and keep our system safe and reliable.

The agenda I’ve prepared is as follows:

  1. Introduce new Certified Operator (Tim Cummens – CTW Corp)
  2. Board Introductions
  3. Financial status report, annual dues
  4. Water Survey Results
  5. System update
    • New flushing hydrants
    • Chlorination discontinued
    • New Certified Operator
  6. Information on water filtration
  7. Election of Board
  8. Member questions or resolutions
  9. Adjournment


Well Management Services RFP Posted

The MHC board is seeking proposals for well management services from qualified management companies. For RFP submission requirements, qualifications, and services requested please download the RFP document. Proposals will be accepted up to the specified deadline from any firm or individual.

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IMPORTANT: Water shut off Monday 11/25 (some homes)

Dear MHC Water Community,
In order to install a flushing hydrant and maintain water quality, water service will be temporarily shut down for some homes served by the Marian Heights community well on Monday November 25th.
The map below (follow the link) shows the affected properties, which are on Lindhurst Dr. and Ct. as well as Legion Dr. and a few on Elmhurst Pkwy near Legion.
The shutdown is expected to last from 8:00AM to 3:30PM, and could go a short while longer for for 1640, 1650 and 1660 Lindhurst Ct. near the hydrant installation.
The property owners near the hydrant site have been advised of the installation by MHC Board members.
If you have any questions or concerns please read the FAQ below first and then, if needed, to contact the board email marianheightswater@gmail.com.
Best Regards,
Ted Eull
1. Why is the water being shut down to some houses?
In order to enable installation of a flushing hydrant, which improves our ability to maintain water quality in our distribution pipes.
2. What can I do if I will be home during this time?
Prior to the shutdown, residents can fill pitchers for hand washing, drinking and cooking, and buckets to flush toilets. Each toilet should be able to flush one time after water is shut down. It is normal for homes to be without water service occasionally and residents should make plans given this notification.
3. What about people who do not receive email?
A printed flyer will be distributed to notify all affected homes this weekend. We strongly encourage all residents who do use email to sign up for email notices from this website (www.marianheightswater.com).
4. What is wrong with our system that it keeps requiring flushing?
As noted by Mark Profio in a prior email, our system of mains is approx. 60 years old, iron, unlined, and nearing the end of useful service life. In order to maintain water quality, we must be able to flush out the pipes to prevent build-up of iron or other matter.
5. If I have a problem with my water, do I call the Village?
No, the village is not responsible for the Marian Heights well. Problems inside the home with faucets, water softeners, etc. are the responsibility of the homeowner.  For issues with your water supply from the MHC well, contact marianheightswater@gmail.com or visit www.marianheightswater.com.


This is the official website of the Marian Heights Corporation, entrusted with operating and maintaining a community well in Elm Grove, WI.

The resources on this site are provided for members (homeowners), residents, guests and partners of the MHC water system.