Maintenance Completed

As of 9AM on Friday, Sept 23rd our normal service is restored, with water coming from our own well and the village cross-connect closed. There is still residual chlorination at this time, but we will turn this off within a week and notify when that is ended.

A lot of work was completed without service interruption, and that is a credit to our certified operator and pump engineer, Tim Cummens, and his CTW team. I also appreciate the Village DPW team coordinating on the cross-connect, and supporting our system with the village supply. Our contractor and village professionals did a terrific job for us.

During this project we installed new monitoring capabilities which will help us detect issues earlier, to prevent some interruptions and save money on repairs. I will explain more about the new monitoring in future updates. We also completed mandatory and important service on our pump, reservoir, and pressure tank to keep safe water flowing.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and have a great weekend.