System Maintenance Advisory

Please be advised that this week our pump contractor CTW will be performing important scheduled maintenance on our system, which could result in brief periods of lower water pressure or some air in the lines.

We are not expecting full water outage because during the work we will use our village well cross connect to provide continuous water, while our pump, reservoir and tank are undergoing maintenance. Our water pressure is expected to be lower this week during our use of the cross connect supply.

The work is scheduled to begin tomorrow morning, and will continue for at least 3 days, with regular water service restored by end of Friday if all work is completed.

The work to be performed includes:
– Pump inspection & maintenance
– Reservoir draining, inspection and cleaning
– Pressure tank draining, inspection and cleaning
– Installation of new sensors for improved monitoring

The reservoir and tank cleaning process is mandated by the WI DNR (5-year cycle) and is important ensuring a safe water supply.

If you have any questions about this process or your service please email or call the hotline at 262-212-2278.