TCP / Chlorination

One of our monthly total coliform tests returned positive, triggering follow-up testing; 2 of 4 follow-up tests returned positive, triggering corrective action. Importantly, the test for dangerous bacteria (E.coli) returned negative (safe).

Total coliform positive (TCP) is not unsafe to drink itself but is an indicator of conditions that could allow unsafe bacteria to occur.

As a result we taking these actions:

1. Begin chlorination right away thru the reservoir and tank for at least 2 weeks, until the end of July.

2. We need 2-sets of 2 safe samples taken 24 hours apart to consider the problem under control. These samples may be chlorinated. We will take 2 samples next week (third week of July); and take another 2 samples the last week of July. If these are all safe we may turn off the chlorinator.

3. Complete the draw-down cleanings and inspections of the reservoir and pressure tank no later than September 30, as previously scheduled.These were last cleaned on August 2, 2011.

For continued updates please call the hotline or contact me for any questions. Thanks.