2024 Annual Meeting


Greetings Members of Marian Heights Corporation!

We will hold our annual meeting in person on Tuesday June 20 at 7pm in the Community Room at the Village Hall (basement where we vote).

IMPORTANT: In order to have a valid meeting, we MUST have a quorum. Please submit your proxy vote right now to ensure we have a quorum, unless you are certain you will attend. The form takes only 2 minutes to complete.

SUBMIT YOUR PROXY VOTE AT www.marianheightswater.com

The minutes of the 2023 Annual Meeting, which we expect to approve at the 2024 Annual Meeting, are available at: www.marianheightswater.com/mhc-documents.

The topics to be dealt with at the 2024 annual meeting are:

Approval of minutes of 2023 annual meeting

Financial report

Report on status of the well, the system, and water quality.

Election of directors.  The current board, which consists of the maximum number permitted by the bylaws of 12, plans to stand for reelection.  If any other residents are desirous of joining the board, they should email us at marianheightswater@gmail.com.  The current board members are: Don Crego, John Geder, Mike Gehl, Joe Kujawa, Tom McCormick, Moira McManus, Derrick Mittelstadt, Susan Retzack, Becky Riebesehl, Chad Schmidt, Greg Toth and Andrew Williams

Report on the possibility of municipal water

2023 Consumer Confidence Report

The 2023 Consumer Confidence Report, which provides information about the quality of our system’s water and was sent earlier this year to all residents, is available at: www.marianheightswater.com/mhc-documents.  All residents are urged to read the report.

If you received the report by email, you may request that we mail you a hard copy of the report by emailing marianheightswater@gmail.com.

You might have to press Ctrl and left click on each of the above links. Please advise at marianheightswater@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns.

Best Regards,

Mike Gehl, President